Where can I get the best deal on theme park tickets, no rip offs , just real discounts?
2006-01-24 15:57:54 UTC
My bride to be and I are on our way down there for our honeymoon. We have a place to stay and airfare taken care of but still need to purchase theme park tickets. I have seen some web sites with postings stating appx $50 savings but am uneasy handing over my money without some proof that a buisness is legit.
Three answers:
2006-01-27 11:39:53 UTC
There are reputable ticket brokers out there. Two that come to mind are and .
family guy
2006-01-26 15:15:01 UTC
We just went to SeaWorld in Orlando and they have a great deal. If you buy online at least seven days before you visit, you get $6 off the regular price of a one-day ticket. Then you can exchange that ticket at the park for an "Anytime Pass" and you can come back all week. With all the rides, shows, animals, (good)restaurants, etc. there's actually a lot to do there.
2006-01-26 05:13:40 UTC
Hope your a costco member! I bought the west coast equivlent Disney land no one beat the prices.Its called Citypass opps I just checked no citypass for Florida yet but costco did have universal tickets see link! Hope that helps!

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