About how much would it cost to send 15 people to Walt Disney World Florida for 5 days?
2006-04-05 14:58:57 UTC
My 4-H club is looking into driving up there so i was just wandering about how much. And what about hotel money?
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2006-04-05 15:03:48 UTC
Well, it really depends on what you are wanting to do, where you are wanting to stay, etc. You can get a room at Disney for around $100 a night, then you would need to add on tickets. It would depend on ages and what type tickets you want. The commercials advertise $1500 for two adults, one child, and one junior for seven nights and that includes tickets. Plus, Disney has free dining right now if you go during their promotion.

If you want to stay off site, you may save a little money. But the hotels usually aren't as nice as Disney, if they run less in price. Plus, you don't get all the added benefits of staying on site. You could also look into a vacation home rental or timeshare.

To give you a very estimated guess, I would say maybe around $5000. But this is a very rough estimate.

I would go to Disney's site, where you can price a stay or contact a travel agent. That way you will get a more accurate price and get what you want included.

Hope this helps!
2006-04-05 17:30:36 UTC
If you stay off Disney you can save a ton of money and some of the places are gorgeous. A 3BR condo at Windsor Hill, whose pool and clubhouse will rival even the mid priced Disney resorts can be as low as $85/night. They are just 2 miles from Disney! Don't forget they will comfortably hold up to 8 people and the price is per condo not person. With a large group it's the only way to go!!
♥ Yame ♥
2006-04-05 15:02:34 UTC
A few thousand dollars...go to they have all the prices there and they can send you a DVD so you can see the prices and everything to see so you wont miss out on stuff. They have the hotel prices too. If you dont want to stay at a disney hotel, which they have a few very affordable ones then do a search on the net on the best closest to disney hotel there are. there are a few very good ones about five minutes from disney.
2006-04-10 13:33:58 UTC
Would you consider camping at Fort Wilderness campgrounds? There are group rates that are very affordable and the group will learn about the outdoors. Perfect for a 4-h club! I used to be in 4-H and we used to go down all the time.

1-407-W-Disney to book. They fill up fast.
2006-04-07 19:56:57 UTC
We have condos that sleep up to 7 people so you could rent perhaps 3 that are in the same complex for about $79/day each (or about $237/day in total). We are at if interested. If not, I'd still say go the condo route and not a hotel.
2006-04-05 16:16:32 UTC
a ton of money

my mom and i went and with food, hotel, tickets cost about $3,000

for 2 people!

so its expensive!
2006-04-05 16:59:09 UTC
deppends where you go i mean some places its 15,000 or 2,000

but really how much do you want to spend on it ?i mwould loook at differant carriers or ask a travel would also deppend on what u want to do down there
2006-04-05 15:01:36 UTC
ALOT. But if you do go, stay at the Contemporary hotel. its sooooooooooooooooooooo coooool!!!!
2006-04-05 15:02:21 UTC
more than I make in a year
2006-04-05 15:01:20 UTC
$30000 would give you a reasonably good time but splash out and enjoy it

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